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July 1989

On the ferry between Ausable
Chasm, New York and Burlington,
Vermont. The Gold Wing belongs
to my friend, Steve. "Champ",
the local dragon, did not make
an appearance that day. L

September 1989

The 25th Annual Finger Lakes
Rally, sponsored by the local
BMW club. This was held at
Watkins Glen State Park in New
York. At the southern tip of Seneca
Lake, the site is in the heart of the
state's wine producing region.

August 1990

My friend, Steve, and I took a
tour of the Canadian Maritimes,
including New Brunswick, Prince
Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.
This photo was taken along the
Cabot Trail on Cape Breton.

Good weather, full moons and
great riding prevailed.

June 1995

During a trip to Laconia for the
annual races, Steve and I rode
around a little and wound up in 
Sunday River, Maine. Actually,
we were really just scouting the
area for the winter ski season.

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