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May 1999

Hiawassee, GA is near the
Cherohala Skyway and Deal's
Gap. These two roads are
legendary in rider's circles, as
well as just about any other road
in this motorcyclist's paradise.

An exceptional local rally, the
GMR is also famous for its
Saturday night steak cookout.

July 2000

This was a mid-day stop at the
top of the "hill" on the way to
Paonia (see below).

July 2000

The Top-O-The-Rockies Rally is held
at the park in the middle of this otherwise
sleepy village. The weather was great,
and I picked up a few more photos of
state "Welcome To" signs.

Milestone - This trip involved finally
getting on the books and documenting
a timed endurance ride. I did a
Saddlesore 1000 and a Bun Burner
1500, as defined by the Iron Butt
Association. Columbia, NJ to
Frisco, CO, 1803 miles in 34.5 hours. 

July 2002

Cruising the "Enchanted Circle" in
New Mexico during the Red River
Rally. This road was part of the old
Santa Fe Trail.

I think I could live here ...

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