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1980 - 1986
The Gold Wing was nice, but I
still had the Harley bug. So I went
to a 1974 Electra Glide. It was
Burgundy Metallic with White
Trim. But I wanted basic black,
so I painted it. I also had the
seat redone by my cousin, and
bumped the 74 c.i. engine out to
80 c.i. with a factory kit. With a
big tranny sprocket, this machine
cruised well on the highway.
1982 - 1983
That Gold Wing really bit me.
Although I enjoyed the Electra Glide
and being on a Harley Davidson again,
I missed the raw power of the UJM.
From where escapes me, but I found
a used 1975 Honda CB750K.
1983 - 1986
The 750 was good, but the frame
was lacking. It was time to move
on. This was my second new bike,
a 1983 Honda CB1100F. Much
better, thank you. My only
regret is that I kept it completely
stock. A pair of superbike bars
would have made this more fun
to ride.
I had a brief interlude with a 1975
Yamaha XS650. This bike was
rough and neglected when I
bought it, but with those classic
British lines it really cleaned
up nicely.
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