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I had a very brief interlude
with a 1984 Honda CB900C.
A cruiser with a dual range
gearbox, it may be the perfect
bike for somebody, but not me.

Exit, stage left.

1992 - 1997
Felix III
This was my classic Beemer
stage. I found a low mileage
puff for sale by the original
owner in Upstate New York.

It was a 1976 R90/6 in stock,
unmodified condition. The
Bol d'Or Red paint rubbed
out beautifully, and I ultimately
added a color matched "S"
fairing, striped by a classy guy
named Jose Del la Cruz.

This was a very clean bike.

1999 - 2001
I purchased this Moto Guzzi
850-T3 because it was all
original and unmodified. My
intent was to do a mild
restoration and cafe treatment.
Alas, I finally succumbed to
my tiny garage and decided to
clean house. I sold this bike
without ever taking a wrench
to it. It would have been a
cool ride.
1989 - 2001
Felix II
"Fuzzy" was its name, and
fun was its game. This
R100RS was everything a
BMW was supposed to be.

A rare silver/beige metallic
made it almost unique. I put
about 60k miles on it and loved
every one of them. As with the
Guzzi above, this was a
casualty of the Great Spring
Cleanup of 2001.

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