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1997 - 2001
A Moto Guzzi Lemans poster was hanging on the wall of my garage for ten years before I finally added this baby to my stable. I gave it a complete cosmetic overhaul and sorted out various running problems which I inherited from the previous owner. The Tonti frame on this bike was its best feature. I ultimately came to the conclusion that I just wasn't a
"Guzzi person". Ciao, baby!
1986 - 2001
Felix I
(Nous Sommes Du Soleil)
After 16 years and 136,000 miles, I finally said goodbye to an old friend. It hurt to do it, but it was time to let go.

This 1985 BMW K100RS was the best motorcycle I've ever owned.

2004 - 2006
Suzuki GSX-R1000
Wow, what a bike! This was possibly the second best motorcycle I've owned. Everything fit me to a "T". And it had power, handling, and reliability.

I had an accident in July '06 while attending a rally in Vermont. The bike was totalled.

Cheers for insurance! It took awhile to find another one in great condition, but I finally replaced it with another, same year 2001.

2009 - 2015
Like the one before it, this was an amazing machine. I held on to it probably longer than I should have, since during the last 4 years of ownership, I hardly had time to ride it. Currently living in Texas, the roads in my immediate vicinity aren't very accomodating for a bike like this. Maybe I'll evenatully move back to the Northeast where the roads are much better. Also, this was a casualty of my 2nd major "shake up of the stable". It's time for something different ...
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